Services: Zope support

Sat 07 March 2015
By leon

Zope is the granddaddy of python web frameworks.

If you have a website that runs on zope and need ongoing support please get in touch. I have been supporting an number of zope applications (running on Zope2) since 2002. The Zope project is mostly defunct and has been for quite some time. However there are many systems that are built on and run with good stability on this 'ancient' technology. Zope was an extremely forward thinking technology at the time 1998-2002 (it had NoSQL way before it was fashionable) but it was blighted by some bad design decisions that proved to hamper it's easy usage, uptake and continued development.

I can give you peace of mind if you find yourself with a Zope site and feel unsure how to maintain and support it.

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