Tech notes: Pelican Quick(ish)start

Sat 12 April 2014
By Leon

It's early days, but so far I'm really enjoying using Pelican.

I stumbled a couple of times during the the installation and getting started phase. Following the docs and using the pelican-quickstart helper I came unstuck at two points:


The docs (v3.3.0) currently explain that you need to use how to add and remove themes, however they fail to mention that there is a setting

THEME = 'my-theme-name'

This needs to be added to the pelicanconf.file to switch pelican to use your newly installed theme.

Adding a PATH setting to fix 'fabric serve' command

Using Pelican with Fabric is a really nice experience however it didn't work straight after my pelican-quickstart.

I found that I had to add the following setting to get past the error:

'NoneType' object has no attribute 'lower' error.

PATH = 'content'

After adding that the various fabric commands worked properly :-)

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